E-Pay Financials is an independent service provider of technical support for various third party software and hardware products. Brand Names and Trademarks are used only references purpose, asthey not indicate any kind of association of third parties with E-Pay Financials.


Most of the hardware and software are available with the warranty offered by the manufacturers during the initial period of purchase. And if your software or hardware product is covered within the warranty period then you arevalidly eligible to get free tech support or repair service from the original manufacturer. For such warrantied products or services, E-Pay Financials recommends users to first call support service of original supplier or product manufacturers or service provider.


Testimonials and customer feedbacks given on E-Pay Financials.com and other related website which is unverified and has been sent by the customers on various portals like social media or through mails etc. These testimonials and feedbacks not give any indication of assurance that every customer will get same type of service or will have similar experience while using our products/service or dealing with us.This might not express the experience of purchasing the product or service and might not be applicable for average consumers.


E-Pay Financials recommendsthat you should review the process of remote session offered by us (remote.TecheliteTechnologies.com). Accompanied by it, please also go through the segment meant for software support tools and remote session under the terms and condition page of www.TecheliteTechnologies.com.


To know what are services not included in our subscription plan, please go through the “Exclusion of Services” on E-Pay Financials fully elaborated terms and conditions page i.e. (http://E-Pay Financials.com/terms-conditions.html) to ensure that you have understood about all the services that are not covered under any of our subscription plan.


As per the requirements, E-Pay Financials can use third party software and diagnostic tools to detect and resolve the technical issues in user’s device. We use world-class advance tools made by well-known brands like MS and AVG etc. However, some of these tools are freely available and some comes under the premium subscription plans that also determine your bill pay.


Right now, we do not sell or use any software or web application that is owned by E-Pay Financials for detecting or resolving the technical issues of various electronic devices.


We use various online surveys to measure the satisfaction level of our customers by obtaining permission by them after completion of work session. However, few of the customers do not fill survey properly or completely that might show inaccurate statistical data.


As per the policy followed by our company, contracts with E-Pay Financials are not automatically renewed, to renew contracts again, each customer needs to contact with our team member.