BIG Security for your Small business for a small fee

Ezfix solutions are designed to improve your small business security posture. The nature of security risks is constantly changing, it can be difficult for SMB owners to identify and create a robust and defensive plan while running their business functions. It is a financial over kill to hire a top class security expert. Sign up now and schedule a security session online at your convenience.microcontroller to the server.

Keep Viruses, hackers and spammers out of your network 24x7

Keep hackers and spammers out of your servers 24x7. We scan your server for millions of probable exploits and harden your server against attacks. Our systems and procedures continually adapt to the latest security threats, keeping your servers operating securely and efficiently. From responding to server intrusions to preventing future attacks, our security experts can deploy solutions that meet your business objectives and budget

Affordable World Class Security Solution for SMB's

With Ezfix solutions you get access to top security professionals for an unbelievable price to protect your business from the latest threats. The tools that we use in our penetration tests are thoroughly tested in Ezfix solutions labs by experts that have performed numerous information security assessments of organizations. We deliver world class IT solutions which only the large companies had access to before at affordable prices to SMB's through a combination of global best practices, Six Sigma and knowledge management processes.